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« We put all our heart and energy to create a place that looks just like us ». This is probably why the owners have the greatest difficulty in accurately describing the « SELECT » which has become over the years the place to eat in Kigali.

They prefer to let speak travel guides whom this is their job and whose neutrality does not suffer any doubt. One of the tour guides, described Select Restaurant in these words:


Luxury restaurant, but also a stylish hotel.


«One of the most elegant parts of Kigali, and probably one of the best tables, led by a Rwandan Chef who has over ten years of experience in the kitchen.

Many products are imported, judging by the card: frog legs, duck liver in passion fruit sauce, not to mention the Belgian specialty “Waterzooi”, lasagna with spinach, chicory gratin which grown close to Byumba … The specialty is pork knuckle. Do not hesitate to make a turn in the kitchen!

The wine cellar is kept at optimum temperature. There is a wide range of French wines from Bordeaux to Nuits-Saint-Georges.»